Friday, July 01, 2011

Not my day

So I don’t know if I mentioned this but my grandmother grew up in Namibia, and I grew up hearing her stories of various people and places and adventures along the way. When my grandpa died on Christmas day, my father and I decided that we would take her back there so she could show us the places I’ve heard so much about (my dad took my grandparents there a few years ago).

Anyway after an awesome afternoon of looking over maps together I realised that I hadn’t looked at my passport recently and I remembered going when I was 16 so… uh oh… and I checked and saw that it expires next month.

So this morning saw me trotting off to home affairs, getting horribly lost and exploring johannesburg north for an hour or so and then arriving and being whisked away by Jacob (who gave me a business card and offered to get absolutely anything done, no queues for R200). Jacob was very nice when I rejected his offer, and because I’m a student and he has a daughter studying at the moment he decided to take me under his wing anyway.

Once he’s organised photos, photocopies and forms for me he left me in the queue and I sat for an hour and a half before I got to the counter (there were only 5 people ahead of me so who knows why it was so slow). There I found out that i had misread my passport and while it does expire  in August, it’s August 2012, not next month.

Then I got back to P1’s car (mine is at panelbeaters) while on the phone, and struggling to manage all the ID book, papers, photos etc etc opened the car door right into my forehead (the corner of my door).

And then got stuck in traffic.

On the plus side my phone service provider called and promised to send me a shiny new purple phone next week! I bounced around for about an hour after the call before the headache got worse (it’s quite epic looking, I’m hoping nobody thinks I’m being beaten when they see the swelling).

on another note, i really want to do this:


and am regretting having the world’s darkest hair.


Fiona said...

You're going to Namibia! I'm jealous :)

Sorry to hear about your bad luck at home affairs. It's never a nice trip to make and for some reason it never takes less than an hour, queues or no queues...

Anonymous said...

I hope your head feels better soon! The hair is awesome! Makes me think of Rainbow Brite :-P