Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Who killed the music?

I confess, I am a music-killer. I find a song I like and put it on repeat until I reach a stage where merely hearing the opening bars makes me want to punch something and then I put the ipod back onto shuffle until I find the next song.

This week it’s this one:

Before that we had:

The one I always pick on the jukebox:

The one that makes me think of being a little kid again:

this one still makes me smile:

And this one (my one and only itunes purchase was this album):

Apparently I’m in ‘sad phase’ at the moment. all I know is that I wish I knew where I was going to be this weekend. I need to find a rock to sit on and think about life, and I’m just hoping that I find out soon so that I can go and see my other home for a couple of days.


Cam said...

If you Kill the Killers, then what then? :D

Kath Lockett said...

I'm the same, actually and I'm a teeny weeny bit ashamed that my latest is from the (cringes) Twilight Eclipse soundtrack - I'm Yours by Metric - it gets played twice when I go running.

Hannah said...

Music killers unite! Thanks for all this Helen, your taste is immaculate :)

Tamara said...

Thanks for the introductions - hadn't heard a lot of these.

Sorry you're sad and that you miss your friends :(

Tamara said...

When does P1 get back?

Helen said...

Cam: Can't have that! Then what wold we listen to? I'm killing The Kooks again today :)

Kath: You can't judge a band by it's movie! Metric reminds me of my undergrad week-long obsession with the Benjamin Gate for some reason!

Hanna: thanks! coming from you that's a big compliment :)

Tamara: it's really not that bad! I'm just geting frustrated by not having any idea of where I'll be in 24 hours time. He's back on sunday and leaving again on Monday, but at least this time we'll have some way of communicating!

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