Thursday, April 29, 2010

On a brighter note

I’ve been cleaning some of the junk out of my computer since it’s been getting harder and harder to find things lately, and I came across this hidden in a folder:

I love it! Particularly the dancing!

And I totally respect them for performing so wholeheartedly even though they aren’t the most… conventionally talented.

In other news:

  • I’m working like a maniac at the moment and may even be making progress!
  • Flu is attempting to take hold. I’m defying it with vitamin water, peanut-butter and exercise. So far so good. Pass the medlemon.
  • A bunch of awesome people are going on holiday with me in June! Yay!
  • Since yesterday I’ve had a flood of support from people who are aware of the situation of much drama. It’s a relief to know that I’m not overreacting as badly as I’d thought, and from people getting angry, to people offering to swing cacti to general supportiveness I’ve realised (again) just how lucky I am***.
  • The mega-massive spider-bite (didn’t I mention that?) has stopped swelling so much, so I no longer have a second chin sticking out of the side of my real one. Thank you anthisan, antihistamines and a LOT of germolene!
  • Our next-door neighbour died. I ever really knew him more than the occasional wave when I saw him walking his dog and stuff, but it was a real shock.
  • Went back to tae bo on Monday. Ow. So awesome!
  • Saw How to Train your Dragon on Tuesday. I want a dragon! Any crazy scientists out there feel like making me one?
  • Some idiot has brought his vuvuzela along today. I may have to wrap it around his neck soon. Pass the cactus?

Have a wonderful weekend! I’m going to be MARKING! Woo-hoo!!!

Maybe they’ll get around to paying me one day, it’s only 6 weeks too late already…


***OK, OK,  fine, situation in nutshell: the social engineers out there had other plans for the Plus-1 until I came along and are attempting to dig for information and trash-talk me to my friends, as well as making some interesting claims on my being nasty, manipulative and ‘changing’ people. Like it’s any of their business. After a few months of this it got a bit upsetting. Pass the cactus. Please.


po said...

Um. "Not conventionally talented" is probably the most diplomatic description anyone could manage of that lot.

It sounds like someone is jealous of you and is acting up. Sorry you have to be in that position. Erk.

Susan said...

Hope the flu stayed away; the dragon a closer possiblity; and yeah on the holiday!

Anonymous said...

好熱鬧喔 大家踴躍的留言 讓部落格更有活力........................................

Tamara said...

What a noise!

If yo find a scientist to make you a dragon, can you organise one for me too?

Sorry that the social engineers are such chops. *Passes the cactus*

EEbEE said...

How to train your dragon was amazing. I even went to see it a second time (3D! YAY!).

When other people trash talk you, you and they have to realise that they are the ones at fault. My biggest question is... Why do you give a crap?

Must you make your life more complicated by caring?