Friday, February 13, 2009

No dinosaurs in Tahiti!

So nothing very exciting happened today, except that Luke's supervisor sent us a weird song about start Trek (neither of us have ever watched it I don't think), and I almost ended up organising 60 undergrads into writing their test because Luke was late and the lecturer had disappeared. Fortunately shortly after I started giving instructions the lecturer arrived.

Oh, and the IT guy here gave me a copy f the old DOS-based wolf3D! We used to play it when I was a little kid and its bringing back SO many memories! I still get lot regularly in the maze and get stuck in doorways when I aim a little bit too far left, but the graphics are terrible, the music is cheesy and the bad guys scream like girls when you kill them and I loved it!

I just did a dinosaur quiz with Luke, it was surprisingly difficult, and I got 50%, which is pretty embarrassing considering I used to spend my free time gluing chunks of fossil together and chatting to a paleontologist...

Now I have to matk 60 tree worksheets...


sarah said...

i miss the bio building.

remember the time when they were looking for the "illegal BA student" ?? ahahahaa. they even asked ME where "she" was... ahahaha good times!!

Candice said...

I swear I remember playing that game, somewhere in my misguided youth...

I would've got 0 for the dinosaur quiz, unless they asked questions about dinosaur brains...

Luke said...

I must admit...I was suprised by your dismal performance on the quiz! ;)

Thanks a ton for the party! 'Twas awesome!

Anonymous said...

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Janine / Being Brazen said...

Are you talking about that wolfenstein game ?

Helen said...

yes, it's the wolfenstein game! It's awful because it's addictive and it make me nauseous... bad combo!

Anonymous said...