Monday, April 14, 2008


This morning I was reminded of those jokes we used to tell when we were younger. I've seen them on various emails over the years as well. Things like:

Q: how do you put an elephant in the fridge?
A: open the fridge, put elephant inside, close the door.

The point of them was to show that as adults we tend to overcomplicate things. Most adults get it wrong (and have gruesome discussions about hacking up elephants) while little kids get it right pretty easily. The reason that I thought about it was that my friend EEbEE sent me a link for a game he had been playing all morning that was driving him absolutely nuts. It's called petals around the rose and you have to guess the total when a bunch of dice are rolled (not the totals on the dice, its something you have to work out). There are 3 things they tell you and then you have to think about it. EEbs had been going for AGES and was going nuts, and I managed to solve it relatively quickly. this drove him nuts, until he figured it out a few minutes after me.

So try it out if you have some time and some pent-up anger to release by yelling at your PC. And think about the elephant in the fridge!