Friday, April 11, 2008


Oh and next week is my birthday and I'm thinking fo having a movie night to celebrate. Any suggestions on movies for about 10 or so people with vastly different tastes? Otherwise we'll fall back to our old standby of Settlers and Cranium. Which is always fun.

I've decided that although International Friendship day is only in August, I will be in the field then and will probably forget that it IS sunday...

So in honour of it not being International Friendshi0p, I would like everyone who reads this to post a list of 10 things that they love about their friends. I just think that a lot of people are having a pretty rough time at the moment and its time to be happy and thankful for those incredible people in our lives!

I love my friends because:

  1. They all rock!

  2. They're so different! I love that each person seems to belong to a completely separate planet, but they fit together so well. No evening is ever the same!

  3. We have awesome adventures together.

  4. They make me laugh! And they can always make me feel better when I'm upset.

  5. We always end up giggling helplessly at inappropriate times (like that conference...).

  6. They put up with my weird ideas (like geocaching in the rain, at night!)

  7. Cream Soda!

  8. Random discussions about anything!

  9. Late-night messages on Mxit when I can't sleep!

  10. The way that some of my closer friends aren't afraid to tell me the truth, particularly if I'm being silly or over-reacting or being arrogant. They'll look me in the eye and tell me to pull myself together. I used to get really defensive, but I've come to realise just how special it is, and how lucky I am.

I'm a really lucky person :)


Luke said...

Awww, Brotha T! That's so sweeet! ;P

Are we supposed to post on our own blogs or here in your comment section?

Jeff said...

1. They share great books.
2. They share great films.
3. They share great music.
4. They share great food.
5. They share great times.
6. They share hard times.
7. They share great adventures.
8. They share great wisdom.
9. They share great websites.
10. They don't stop talking to me when I write bad poetry.

Did you every find a pet industry documentary?

And completely unrelated... I'm starting a new project. Maybe it will fly, maybe not. I know you're busy, but if you're interested in joining an online book forum type thing, check out It's an open project; all are invited.

Peace, Jeff