Monday, December 18, 2006

Things I missed about Joburg (and didn't always realise it)

  1. Driving. I love having time to myself to go wherever I want. My dad also surprised me with a 'present' of a full petrol tank when I got home, so I'm pretty happy about that.
  2. Having time alone. As weird as it was to wake up the first morning back and realise there was nobody in the room, I really missed having a bit of quiet time to think to myself and just ... exist (lack of a better word).
  3. Internet connection. Not that the email was really worth it. Although there was a very amusing one regarding the free food at wits. There was a graduation and afterwards there was all this food left over, so they put it in the tea room and sent an email around saying there were free leftovers if anyone wanted them. And then some guy got really annoyed and sent one back saying that it's incredibly rude to offer leftovers to someone who wasn't invited to the party. I figured that academics were pretty universal in their response to free food. Apparently not. Regarding the internet connection, there were 3 Weebls-stuff cartoons I hadn't seen yet. Score!
  4. 24 hour access to 5500 (and climbing) different DVDs. We also got the newest documentary (which features my lizards). My boss called me a loser today. I wonder why. I also have a terrible headache from watching about four hours of TV this afternoon (following 2 episodes of 'Prison Break' and 'Blade' this morning. 'Blade' was actually really cool, although I'm hearing very conflicting reports on the sequels.
  5. Christmas bonus! I love my boss (not the one who called me a loser. Although she is also totally rox). And it's not just a bunch of money in a bank bag (like commission), it comes inside a Christmas card! to tell the truth I was half expecting just a card woth a note saying wither "You're fired! Merry Christmas!" or something more polite like "We're not sure if you still work for us as we haven't seen you in six months. Take care!" Instead it was a very sweet message (I can't read the writing but it looked like it included 'happy' and 'family' and 'joy' and stuff) and rather a lot more money than they gave me last year.
  6. running into random people. Like my friend Sarah (not the blogging one. Another one) who came to sit next to me at the carol service on sunday. She's awesome in that she's very excitable and talks faster than me, while always increasing in volume. At one stage (Joy to the World) the organist (who may have been my father but I'm not admitting to it) got a bit carried away and I got to watch her turning purple with supressed giggles. After the service we also had the worlds loudest conversation about the mertis of going to the drive-in. Which entirely depends on the quality of the movie. If you watch a good movie it's fun. But if you watch a bad movie you get to ignore it and sit on the swings for an hour and chat until you get motion sickness. The downside is that there are only two swings. But there's always the slide so we're sorted.
  7. 'Prison Break'. No, it isn't 'Lost'. But I'm addicted anyway.

That's all!