Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Today has been one of the most educational days ever. I started off sleeping in (I've been having trouble sleeping, so is it up until 1 or 2am and then sleep late from exhaustion) and then at around 10:15 my mother and I decided to go for breakfast. As I started getting dressed and so on I got an sms from Jo asking why on earth I wasn't at work. I had no idea... so I panicked and called her and she was really nice as usual, saying if I'd made plans it was ok I didn't have to and all that sort of reassuring boss-type nonsense. I love my boss! It's really really unlike me to miss a shift, I've been working since I was 15 and never missed a day (except once when they were going to call me in case of emergency and there was an emergency but I had food poisoning and told them to sort it out themselves).

So I got dressed and drove like a maniac, only 45 minutes late for work after all. I had also planned on going in to wits to give the iguana some mango for Christmas and say Hi to Oliver, but then I had to sms him and cancel and I felt really bad in case he'd taken a day off because I was feeding her today. It turned out he'd left his phone at home after all so it was ok because he was entirely unaware of my coming through.

We also caught up on the gossip. It turns out that two of our customers (both married) are having an affair with each other. It's really sad because we know both families and they're all extremely nice people. It's also ridiculous that they've decided to spend their 'quality time' together in our store considering they're regular customers and they know that we know them. It's so obvious that even Chris noticed it independently.

I was working with Jo and the new girl, who was a lot nicer today. She'd not the fastest learner but it turns out that she battles with dyslexia. I have a lot of respect for her attitude towards it. Lara also came in and bitched about her second job (assistant in Drew's law firm). She's planning on quitting it soon.

After work I went home and started watching Final Cut. It's a movie where people have chips implanted in their brains beofre birth that record everything as it happens through their eyes. After they die it's edited and made into a movie and friends and family go and watch it. the story is about a guy (played by Robin Williams) whose job is to edit all the hours and hours of footage. It threw open a lot of ethical considerations (how do you choose what to leave out? and is it right to portray a really nasty person as a good person through their own memories?) For instance one guy who was really nasty and molested his own daughter. It started off with him going into his little girl's room and saying he loved her and her answering that she loved him too. After that it gpt unpleasant. So he edited out all the nasty stuff and just had them saying they loved each other. It was so wrong! Also, if you think about certain events a lot do they show up more often in your memories?

Unfortunately after 45 minutes the DVD started sticking and jumping and I stopped watching. There's been a problem with that movie a million times before. I know it's been sent in for repairs about 10 times. All 4 copies of it. I was a bit relieved, it was upsetting me slightly.

Anyway I stopped watching and decided to rejoin the world of the living for a bit and took my dog for a nice long walk and then took the other dog swimming. If anyone has access to my memories someday I hope they pick those ones.


sarah said...

i've also been having touble sleeping! but mainly when i know that i have to be up early the next day or if i know i have something important to do, but the last few days i've been sleeping like a baby ;) (why do people say that? babies are busy and whiny!) its a mixture of vicks medinight (getting flu) and this night time pillow spray thing my gran bought for me. its like this lavendar and other thing spray that you put over your pillowcases!

it knocks me out!!

Helen said...

cool... I must get some!