Monday, December 30, 2013


Working notice, Christmas, housesitting (they have 6 dogs now. SIX.) awesome cricket series and everything else has become a bit much. For example, New Year is my favourite holiday, it is in two days time and I only have plans because I got a call from La a little while ago panicking about the same thing.

I spent my Friday night in front of the learning channel as they had a special on Financial Accounting and I am a newbie. Things I learned:

  • the learning channel is kind of like those Verimark Infomercials without all the awesome clips of bad actors injuring themselves.
  • I do actually know more than I thought I knew (thanks Dad for the lifetime of making me read financial statements).
  • Never take business advice from a TV channel. Geez i wanted to jump in there and shake them.
Anyway my head is spinning a bit at the moment, and I am stressing a little about the fact that I have four (yes four) days between finishing at work and starting the course to do a heck of a lot of prep work.


Prixie said...

Sounds like an extremely busy start to the year. Good luck!

Unknown said...

Just catching up on blogs that I like .... congrats on the MBA! xo xo