Friday, December 13, 2013

Ch-ch-ch-changes part 1

It's no secret that I've been pretty horrified at the career opportunities that the PhD provides (i.e. you can get paid less than a high school teacher while working double the hours on your contract while being shouted and and told you're stupid/lazy/careless/slow/worthless at least once a day). I have been having a particularly bad time lately since Bridezilla lost it, whined at the boss and then the boss started victimising me in some pretty unbelievable ways (for the record I have said nothing to any colleagues about the fun and games Bridezilla trampled all over me. My colleagues came to dislike her intensely all on their own).

Anyway I figured that the best way to deal with the situation of being in a dead-end career I didn't want would be to get a couple of qualifications and become at least marketable enough to get in somewhere where I could have a chance to show my skills. People see zoology and chuck the cv without reading further - something nobody told me when I signed up for it.

I looked around, nothing much caught my eye, except an MBA, which has the most ridiculous tuition fees known to man. Eventually my dad, being the hero as always, told me to do what I wanted to do, at least go to the MBA info evening, and if I really wanted it then the family would make a plan. I went to the info evening, freaked out at the ratio of BMWs to Mercedes in the parking lot (there were no other cars, unless you want me to count the three porsches I passed on the way in) and snuck into the open evening where I met half the staff of every large financial company in Joburg.

I left an hour or two later, met up with P1 and said it.

"I might want to do this"