Friday, August 02, 2013


it has been a heck of a few weeks. I have been at work for three weeks straight, including saturdays and sundays, while battling death-flu and dealing with people who are great believers in admitting mistakes and moving on, as long as it isn't them that has to do it. I was housesitting, and actually had to organise another housesitter WHILE I WAS LIVING THERE as working 16 hour days is not very conducive to taking care of pets. And to bring me flu-meds.

Anyway I found these today:

*(property of Craig Mahoney).

(from here)

(Can't find the original link to that one, but it isn't mine)

They made me a little teary, that's for sure... I miss Calvin and Hobbes, thinking of looking to get all of the books at some point, it will be good to read them again.