Friday, January 04, 2013

2013 coming at you

It seems a common theme that 2012 was the hardest year ever for everyone and therefore the world would end. Not so much, but my boss believed it based on what this random missionary on a plane told her that managed to convince her that the world was going to end and we had to run to the Drakensberg. I think someone else responded by lending her the DVD for the movie 2012 and that may have cleared up some of the issues.

When I sat down to think about 2012, I decided that is wasn't a bad year, it was a hard year. It was a year of growth, and that can be painful. Then a whole lot of things happened one the SAME DAY. My mother was attacked at home by armed robbers who tied her up, P1 lost his job because of his epilepsy diagnosis (we won that one, but he is still jobless, and crabby as anything as a result), people went to hospital, people fought...

And I decided dammit, 2012 needs to end now.

Happy 2013 people. May the growth hang on for a while, while my head stops spinning.


po said...

Frikken hell, so sorry to hear about your mom. I hate these incidents. It happened to my aunt at work and she said counselling really helped her, but I know that it definitely does not help everyone. Is you mom going to try counselling? Those attacks impact upon people's psyches in such deep ways :(