Friday, August 12, 2011

Also on my mind

so after the rant (sorry, had to get it out my system) I was thinking about Dirty Dancing.

Yes they're remaking the movie and that's ok because we will all love the old one just as much and the new one might be awesome, and if not we'll have to watch the old one to compare them. Not to mention my personal philosophy that there will never be enough dance movies around and as long as it isn't made by Disney (because high School Musical doesn't count) I'm ok with it.

And in light of what I've been thinking for a while I realised that one part of Dirty Dancing that really hit home with me was that Baby Was Right. not a new concept I'm sure, but it was to me.

Her parents picked out the perfect guy for her who came from a wealthy family and said and did all the right things. But the coming of age was her seeing past that and falling for Patrick Swayze instead, even though he was the epitome of what her parents didn't want. And what made it special was that there was no sour relationship with her family, no need to go out and prove a point, she simply reached that stage in her life where she did what she wanted to do, she went out and learned and saw and made mistakes and fixed mistakes and did what she needed to do.

So yes, a remake may be something unwanted by my generation, but those are lessons that are important, and a remake is the only way that the next batch of little girls learns to make her own decisions. An how to carry a watermelon. And not get a dodgy abortion. You know, stuff.


po said...

OMG I hate remakes so much it makes me want to scream. Sorry. I have a thing about remakes.

Kath Lockett said...

I'm not a fan of remakes though - seeing the first one as a nineteen year old back in 1987 was pretty great!

Fiona said...

A remake of Dirty Dancing? Now I feel old!!!

On a serious note I wander who they will get to play Patrick Swayze. He was my on screen high school sweetheart :)

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Tamara said...

Wow. What an awesome comment from Free Software.

Does anyone actually fall for spam?

Anyway... back on the topic. I am not generally a fan of remakes, but I recently loved the Karate Kid (even though he did Kung Fu, not karate), so we shall see. If it sucks, at least we're old enough to remember the original (can you tell I'm feeling ancient because my birthday's coming up?).

And I love dance flicks too. Most of them, anyway.

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