Friday, January 21, 2011

The lives that we’ll save…

I don’t want to talk about the joys of studying in an institution that seems determined to keep me from graduating by charging exorbitant amounts of money just so that I can register to be tied here for the next year. Not to mention their not paying/underpaying/ not refunding money I spend on work means that I end up teaching for nothing and spending a lot of time doing things that won’t help me to graduate. AAAARGH.

So on a lighter note

I was looking for something in my old emails and found this on an old chat-log:

Oracle: we make such a great team: the Oracle and the Super-enlightened
we should go save the world.
i cover the world in fairy dust and you can give people music taste ;)
just think of the lives we would save- and the cool outfits
you already have the sparkles!

me: I do! we can sparkle-dust the world!
while playing cool music
with hats...

You rock! And when you submit your masters and I have a few hapter drafts sent off we will have a celebratory Glee marathon!


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