Thursday, June 10, 2010

Building up to the big one!

So yesterday a gazillion soccer supporters basically took over the country. Even at almost 7pm, you could hear the vuvuzelas going on campus. It’s a weird nose, that kind of goes right through your skull even from several hundred metres away.

Which was quite annoying as I went off to dinner with a friend, and while the setting was fantastic, sitting by the fire with really good food and chatting away, it was kind of ruined by the girl at the next table in her massive sunglasses blowing away at her big purple vuvuzela.

The weekend away was a lot of fun, where there was no stress, almost no planning, and the most strenuous activity involved a slightly energetic round of charades, or getting competitive in boy vs girl teamed board games (we played all kind of games and divided teams in all kinds of groupings, but the boys vs girls games always got very tense). As always I had my camera with me most of the time, and came home with well over 300 photographs of us being sill, and one or two of a cool spider.

Anyway it’s been a week of much introspection, even more tea and a fair amount of sleep.

And I’m getting so excited for the world cup! I guess it’s almost overdue but I kind of find myself wanting random flags on my car, humming along to waka waka and wondering if I’ll make it home in time to go join a gazillion people watching the soccer at the nearest fan park.

South Africa rocks!

Although why we used Shakira instead of a local artist still has me confused. Freshly-grounds 1 line is better than moving along before I get angry…

and of course:

This song  still gives me goosebumps! I like this version better than the official video:


Cam said...

That song has actually grow me believe, or not :)

It is here!

Candice said...

Sounds like your holiday did you good! :)

Enjoy the World Cup!

po said...


It sounds like the most amazing atmosphere right now! I don't understand why there are two songs? I love the second one but I thought Shakira was the official one?

I wish they had used a Saffa band, but wow can Shakira dance!

Helen said...

Cam: I like them both, as long as I don't have to watch Shakira. Although if the alternative was Akon we've done well ;)

Candice: it was good fun! We'll have tea soon soon!!

Po: The waka waka one with Shakira is the official one. I'm not how the other one fits in, I know it was originally sponsored by Coca Cola or something. To tell the truth I thought it was the official one for a long time. Maybe we're just so awesome we get two?