Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I don't have much to say except that today wasn't particularly fun. It was cold, and the lizards were barel active. I have a game-plan for tomorrow though, so I'm not feeling too bad. I had turned off the geyser for one of the bathrooms (there are two outside bathrooms with shower-stalls and toilet cubicles and stuff, as well as the two indoor ones) yesterday and I discovered when I came back from the ield, complete with oil and dust covering and oil in hair, that I'd actualy turned both of them off. I figured that i was tough enough for a cold shower - I've been on enough cmping trips and so on to know wht they're like. In summer here, when it gets super-hot I take them by choice! Plus when my girlie side makes me wash conditioner out of my hair with cold water (akes our hair shiier and doesn't fade your colour as much) I've had enough cold showers to be pretty ok with the concept.

Wat I didn't thin about was that it wasn't a very warm day, and I'd been in the sun all day watching out for lizards, so I was nie and warm. I also didn't think about the fact that we have a borehole, so the temperature of the cold water fluctuates pretty wildly depending on the weather (it's pumped into an above-ground reservoir).

The excruciating nature of the shower cannot be descibed. All I know is that it was the fastest shower I have ever taken, and I was almost blue afterwards, when I came inside and put on 3 layers of clothing and shivered for the rest of the day.

I took a nap a bit later, although I didn't sleep well, it got really cold. Anyone who has ever been camping with me will tell you that I don't sleep when it's cold. I drift around the campsite clutching a cup of tea, until I hit exhaustion and sleep the next afternoon, which leads to me sitting up all of the next night with my cup of tea...

I had some really bizarre dreams too! I can't reember them, but I woke up freaked out and disoriented. I turned on my laptop to liten to music while I made dinner to find that the first song that came up was "dream a little dream of me." Weird.

I find lately that I have weird dreams after I watch weird TV shows. Prison Break, anything random and scifi-ish, the new wizard of oz miniseries... and redaing Hrry Potter books - which is why I still haven't read the last book.


SuvvyGirl said...

You need to have flings with celebrities in your dreams like me :P I always redream the Harry Potter movies inserting myself into one of the characters. The stories are scary as hell that way!! I got cold just reading about how cold you were. Icky. Better luck next time.