Sunday, June 22, 2008

I'm ok!

I spent the day at the zoo today, as is my usual habit, but everything was strange. I was greeted by hordes of people rushing towards me to see if I was ok. Now I had sent a mesage through a volunteer to say that I was sick and wouldn't be there for a day or two, but nothing to alarm them. Then I found out that rumours are circulating the zoo that I am in hospital, dying of Giardia.

3 points of interest in the whole saga:

  1. A lot of people I don't really know very well were really concerned, which was really sweet. As much as the rumours were annoying, it was nice to see that people cared! So plenty of warm and fuzzy feelings on that one!
  2. The only time I had heard anything was from Elaine who wanted to visit me 'in hospital' on Friday, they were all happy to rely on the rumours rather than finding out from me. So if I ever end up in hospital, I won't be expecting too many visitors!
  3. I haven't heard anything from the person who is in charge of the monkeys who never warned anyone about the Giardia risk. She didn't try to contact me or anything. It really bothers me that she didn't warn anyone about the whole Giardia risk, and I would have thought that she'd be trying to be nice to avoid me taking legal action against her for negligence. Which I would never do, but I wish she didn't know me that well!

I also met the new baby pigs, which are SO cute! They really are adorable, although noisy and I admit maybe the baby gecko in quarantine is slighty cuter! I love the fact that I have to battle to decide the cutest in a never-ending parade of awesome animals! I also met Bakkies, the little Hartebees who was very sweet and tried to eat my jacket while Sebastian the Sitatunga (however you spell that) fell in love with Lynne and nearly climbed the fence to be with her. It was really funny!

That was my day, I spent the afternoon sleeping and spending some QT with my birds. I gave them a huge bundle of shiny bead bracelets which kept them entertained for ages! It was really cute and I need to figure out how to make them a toy or something out of them where they can't hurt themselves. the beads are too big to be swallowed, but I need to string them on someting they can't break and swallow, while securing them so that they can't break the beads. Any ideas?