Tuesday, May 20, 2008

random thoughts

It is currently almost 9:30pm, which is later than I've been up since I got to the field (the stress of packing usuall leads to insomna, ,whch in the case was over the course of about 2 weeks, so I've been catching up on a lot of sleep). As is I'm exhausted, so this will be completely incoherent unless I take the easy option and write down a list of random thoughts. Hopefully this will stop them rushing around my head and let me sleep easier (like that's a problem!).

  1. I hate the fact that I have to proofread my posts now. I just can't type properly on a laptop! I do something between -finger hunt and peck and touch typing, enough that I battle if I hurt any finger, but not good enough to type without looking at the keyboard occasionally. And for the record I NEVER use my thumbs for typing. No idea why, I just don't! Not even the spacebar. I just tried and it felt extremely weird.
  2. Trapping is not going well. Besides lack of lizards, lot of the traps are not working, and the glue has solidified. As i don't generally feel traps before setting them, I believe that this has had a very big effect on my entire lack of success over the last 2 days.
  3. It's getting colder by the day and I woke up to fog and rain this morning. It cleared up, but I'm very worried!
  4. I went for a walk about an hour ago and it was really beautiful. I used to walk every night but haven't on this trip. I didn't go far because I didn't want to, and its cold and I heard a leopard. I realised how incredibly lucky I am to have this place as my home for a few months every year. To surprise random antelope, or have to chase off baboons, or run from a potential leopard, sounds like I'm living in one of those cheesy books about 'Africa' except that I don't have 40 dedicated servants to carry my things. And I don't wear a pith helmet.
  5. The water-pipe to the bathrooms has a leak. Not a problem really as I only use te outside bathroom to shower, so I just turn it on when I need to. Fortunately the main house has an un-interrupted water supply. Weird because I thought all the water was controlled from there, but aparently not. The only mystery greater than the plumbing in this place is the electricity!
  6. I almost ran out of leftovers today, so I will have to cook tomorrow night. I tend to cook big meals and live off them for days. The problem is that I only really have enough groceries to make one mega-huge meal to last 4-5 days. I havae plenty after that but not if I want to eat properly - and in long-term fieldwork eating properly (I'm talking tons of fruit and veg and protein etc) is super-important if you don't want to flake out in the middle of the day. I just don't want to go shopping until I've made a decision about how long I'm going to stay here.
  7. I'm really really tired. Which makes no sense. I understand about catching up on sleep, but going to bed before 9 every night, getting up around 7ish, working in the field until lnchtime and then napping for a few hours when I get back... it's ridiculous!
  8. I have a lot of work to do. Analyses, write-ups etc. While I'm not processing lizards in the afternoons (as I have no lizards to process. Correction, I have 2) I should be making headway into the workload. I'd better start on that soon.
  9. It's a full moon tonight. It's so bright outside you can see every blade of grass, every stone, everything! It's really amazing!
  10. I was sitting outside just now adn bats were swooping around me eating the inects that were attracted to the lights from the house. It happens every time, and every time it's awesome!
  11. I miss the students and the people who were here last time.
  12. I don't miss being surrounded by people.
  13. I don't understand how I can be so antisocial and still miss people. When they are around I spend half my time trying to avoid them and get some time alone.
  14. I really need to get some sleep.
  15. Good night!


ADDhole said...

Now, *THAT'S* what I'm talking about. Feels like I'm there. Very cool.

I have found that life is less conflicted when one has the option to do or have/ or not do or not have. As soon as we get "boxed in" (even if it's with bats and leopards) we want variety. When we are in situations that make decisions for us - such as whether we find our lizards or ourselves in a crowd or alone - it's too easy to miss the opportunity because we are focused on what we might be missing.

Don't get discouraged. You've made the important scientific discovery that lizards get cold feet, too!

ADDhole said...

I just randomly perused some of your other posts and came to the conclusion that you seem to injure yourself with some regularity. Is this true??

Are "we" a bit clumsy? In addition to being Aries (which you give no credibility) you wouldn't also happen to be left-handed, by any chance, would you? any other proclivity to self-destructive tendencies? ;^)

Luke said...

I want a pith helmet! :(

In response to ADDhole's post, yes, Helen is often injured. And 9 times out of ten, despite the pools of blood gushing from the wound, or the large piece of bone protruding from her leg, whatever the injury may be, she is also incredibly stubborn about going to a doctor for help. One of those 'I survived the war, I can survive this!' types, just minus the war part... :)

We love you Helen!

Helen said...

Thanks Luke! Love you too!Particularly because you always force me to go to the doctor ;) And it wasn't my leg, it was my finger! I'll try to ind ou a pith helmet, but I'll force you to wear it in public!

and ADDhole, I'm not left-handed, which is good because statistically speaking left-handed people have shorter life-spans than right-handers. Personally I blame all the potentially harmful implements that can't be worked properly with the left hand and therefore force poor little lefties to use their weaker side to operate them.