Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Because we CAN!

so Leia and C and I spent the morning putting up tents in the lab. Why? Well why not? People seemed oddly confused by our behaviour, although Candice came along for tea and was much more accepting than the odd postdoc who couldn’t quite figure us out. I’m beginning to think tat the people in the building view our lab as somewhere scary to be avoided…


Tent number 1


The trusty coffee-machine!


Leia checking for scorpions (that tent hasn’t been used since the Kalahari and we all know that those little guys are tough and stuff.


“All clear!”


“the ground is rather hard’ (yip, I actually said that.)


A tight squish, plus we matched our outfits tot he tent and had to show it off, shoes and all…


Tent 2, and by now we had out Rambo-gear in place.






Can’t… hold… Rambo…Face…


Son of Rambow-face


Golf with tent-poles


It’s been a long day already…


“What ARE you doing?”


Yip, really. It’s stitched into the lining nogal!


Candice said...

It wasn't so much a "what are you doing?" as a "where the heck are you guys?". When I walked in, I could hear the giggling, but I couldn't see you!

Thanks for the fudge and tea - stats was very fun!

Po said...

Ok you are very weird but this is totally acceptable behaviour for a lab so its all ok. Did you enjoy that movie son of Rambow, I thought it was really cute.

I wish I worked in your lab :)

Kath Lockett said...

LOVE IT? Who *wouldn't* want to set up a tent in their workplace sometimes?

....especially if you could stick a note on the front like the kids around the corner did in my 'hood (it's school holidays here) that read: No Grown Ups Allowed'

Tamara said...

I want a tent in my office! And a pillow ;-)

Helen said...

Candice: I'm glad, you did seem to be glowing from all the sugar-energy!

Po: you're always welcome! we can't pay you but we'll give you a warm bench to sleep under and all the coffee you can drink (until we run out, which is about once a week)

Kath: No Grown Ups Allowed would have made it more authentic, but may have reminded us that we're supposed to be acting like adults...

Tamara: Leia has a blanket and I steal it regularly!