Thursday, August 06, 2009

And I thought it was just me?

If these don't have you giggling (or blushing) over the momories, and/or bouncing in your chair then you're too old or you spent the 1990's living under a rock. Yip, it's Thursday and so we have to remember those songs that influenced our childhood and teenage years as well as maintaining their ability to get well and truly stuck in our heads!

As I didn't manage last Thursday (I was too busy being gosh-darned miserable) I'll put up two songs today!

This one was one of those songs that I heard a million times sing by a million people (notably my counsin who I know reads this. HI!!!) and yet it was years before I heard the original. I kind of suspected it was one of those songs that people now by magic or osmosis, like school bus songs!

And this one, well, I like the violin part! And it's cool. And it made me feel all rebellious while longing for a leather jacket...

Ok fine, I'll give you three, just because I suddenly remembered this being my favourite music video at the time! Except or that one where everyone is lying on the street and someone is trying to figure out why. I get hte feeling it was Radiohead, but I'm not sure. Anyone got any ideas? I'll give five points to whoever figures it out!

Happy Thursday everyone!


6000 said...

Ah. Richard Ashcroft climbing over the bonnet of a car, ignoring all around him, lost in music. Brilliant.

(Although 'The Drugs Don't Work' was the best song off Urban Hymns.)

P.S. I know I said Lost in Music, but please - no Sister Sledge.

po said...

R.E.M is my favourite band ever! But that song does not really do it for me at all. I love losing my religion though.

sarah said...


i dont know whyyy but they depress me!!

but po, we can still be friends!