Saturday, September 30, 2006

countdown: 2 days to go

It's two days to my presentation.

The version on my flash was totally corrupted, but fortunately most of it was backed up. I'm meeting with EEbEE and maybe some other people early on Monday to do a run-through.

Trevor's back, but he's starting a new job on Monday so I don't know if I'll be seeing him again in a while. It was nice to have someone to talk to in the lab!

I got an email from my supervisor saying the usual 'wow you're calm!' and good luck type stuff. Plus to try and avoid making last-minute changes. Last-minute is all relative. Isn't it? I really don't care anymore, I just want to get away from wits. The idea of spending another 2 months there before I get a break is HIDEOUS!

I made almost all my graphs today, just a representative colour one and another set of weights graphs to go. I am now a official expert at Statistica graphs. and I found where they'd hidden the post-hoc tests, but I don't understand the printout, but it looks like I may have a significant result in behaviours! Lets hope the people I practised on don't think I'm lying when they see a different set of results in the trial run and the final!

I think I'll also feed the roof lizards tomorrow instead of on monday (so they get their 'weekend' 2 days off a bit later) because I won't have time on Monday and I don't want to have to feed them in the dark. Plus I have to move a couple more up there so I might as well.

In other news I had a huge fight with my friend James. He's become very much a high-school girl type guy at the moment. It's hard to explain. I also had a long talk with Justin and I think we'll be shoe-shopping again soon. I also worked the other night, which was really cool because I got to work with my boss for a bit (she's a really good friend as well as my boss) and then with Matt, who's one of the nicer kids. He spent the shift showing me all the life-lessons to be learned from 'The O.C.' and an eight-year old girl told me all about how she watched Dr Phil every day.

My parents are being all supportive, which is strange. They;re watching Inspector Morse, so I'm safe for another hour...

This is from Ireland. I'm thinking of sending it to my boss as a suggestion for expansion. DVD's, videos, sunbeds, manicures, squash courts...


sarah said...

you'll be brilliaaant!


and it'll be over and then you can start thinking about doing the same thing for masters!

he he he

sorry. that was evil

work is boring
i love books. but they make crappy two way conversation

Helen said...

did you try turning them sideways and making the pages move like mouths?

Anonymous said...

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